Inverted List.AllIndeciesOf Node?

Hi all,

I’m trying to filter out the indices from the watch node on left by removing the index coming out from the right listMaximumNode.

So from nested the list on the left ( [0] finish1,[1]structure,[2]Insulation,[3]structure,[4] Finish2). I want index from the list maximum node, which is 3 for the first item on the right to be removed from the list, so I’m left with a list of indices such [0][1][2][4]. I want the indices not the objects.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

You can use the List.Count node to create a range of indexes equal to those of your original list of layers. All you need to do after that is use List.RemoveItemAtIndex on your list of indexes rather than your list of layers.

Thank you for that,