Intersections & list management

What am i doing?

Making a generative tool to find the ratio window / facade per room individually.

When I’ve completed the regular windows, I’m going to implement the curtain walls as well.


What did i achieve already?

  • Selected all windows and found the hosts of them.

  • Filtered all exterior walls (with assembly code used in our company) : to filter eventual indoor windows in a project

  • Made bounding boxes and then solids of all remaining windows.

  • Made solids of rooms in the project

(From here on the picture tells the rest of the story)

  • Intersected all solid windows with the solid rooms to get only rooms with windows in it.

  • Exploded remaining rooms to find the surface area of the wall with the window in it (via intersection of the solid windows again)


As you can see in the picture, I now have windows (as solids) with the surface containing that window for every room. Finding the area of both is no problem, I have done this in another version already.


What I need help with?

I can’t seem to find out how to link the surfaces and windows to the room ID’s (#2 in the picture). In the end I need to put the results of window/facade ratio in an excel sheet per room. Some rooms have multiple windows. I’m struggling with the list management for sure and I can’t see what I’m doing anymore.

In an attempt to come to #4 in the picture with list mapping instead of Flatten, it just gave me one result… That didn’t go as I’d hoped. (see picture 2).


I hope you guys can assist me in this one.