Interacting with Linked Point Cloud Models within Revit, Using Dynamo?

There must be a way of harnessing Dynamo to tap into the points presented within a linked point cloud dataset within Revit?

If so, then surely we can possibly do various things with the data that is tapped into.

Anyone with any thoughts on how we can do this?

@Gcf_Design, Dynamo is not the best tool to work with point clouds. Please clarify your question if you’d like to recieve some help.

In the meantime, here is the thread about point clouds (see the links attached inside).

Hear is the script so far.

A coordinate system has been adopted, point cloud successfully located as normal and script run. However, the x,y,z’s within the point cloud node are not correct. Even after relating to units.

Why could this be the case?

Even when making the Eastings/Northings 0,0, the x,y,z in the node read the same. Very strange. Suggesting that specifying the project base point has no effect upon the values returned.

It would appear to be the location of the selection medium, in this instance Mass, which is applying a false coordinate transform.

The visualisation of the points from the selection box is great, but the resultant x,y,z’s is not correct. Rendering the use of the point values useless.

Can you post a .rvt, point cloud file, and your dyn? My guess is the points are returning values based on project origin but your Revit content is returning values relative to the hard coded origin.

I’ll upload what l can tomorrow. However, the size of the point cloud shall mean it shall not be possible to upload. I’ll have to drop it heavily.

Trying another dataset.

Script thus:

Isolated only 2 points from point cloud. Node returned the highlighted values:

Below is the known value from ReCap, the Dynamo value and the difference:

Below is the P.B.P.:

I see no correlation between the true value and the values returned by the node.

Points from Point Cloud Selection.dyn (25.5 KB)

Dynamo doesn’t read natively from the PBP, but from the hard coded origin. What is the distance from the PBP to the origin? You can easily place a family at 0,0,0 to give yourself something to work with.

Also, you’re likely running into issues with the geometry working range as well.

Also also, still need a point cloud file and a Revit file if you want help identifying the issue.


How can l upload these file types to you, the formats are not accepted it seems. zip?

The PBP is at ‘0,0,0’

Exceeds maximum size it stated for rvt

use wetransfer
send a wetransfer to yourself and copy the link in it and post it here

rcs data

The figures appear to relate the the centroid of the bounding box of the point cloud.