Instance parameters in repeater

With dynamo from main model, can I access adaptive family instance parameter who are placed in in-place-mass and used with repeater ? It shows me read only.
main model > in-place-mass > repeater > adaptive family > instance parameter

Maybe nest it in another adaptive family, make it shared, use a shared parameter.
can you try?
Main model>in-place-mass>repeater>adaptive family>nested adaptive -shared- family> shared parameter set to instance.

Good idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, every family is shared, shared instance parameter is still read only. Best I can get is instance parameter for all in-place-mass, so that I can edit all adaptive elements from the main model with the same value, thus losing the point of parametric.
So it seems that the only way to use adaptive component instance parameters with divided surface is to place them without repeater and in-place-mass and only use Dynamo from main model?