Instalation Error

Hi, I’ve tried to install 9.0 Dynamo in my PC but an error appear. Then, I was advised to install an eldest version and the errors appears again, but only in the end of instalation. With the 9.0, the error is on the beggining of instalation. The results is that on the images. What I do??? ThanksSem título 2

Hi Gilberto,

What’s your system configuration. Which OS version your using. This is your first time installation. Did you try running installation file “Run as Administrator”.

Hi Kulkul, I have only one account on this computer, as Administrator!

That is my system config. Thank you for your time.Sem título 3

Try disabling your antivirus and install Dynamo.

Wowwww!! IT WORKED… Thanks man! So simple… Thank u so much!!

My Pleasure! Have Fun