Inserting family between pipe connectors

Hello people.

I am trying to insert a family between the two connectors of my tube. But I do not know how to do that.
I’m using the MEPOver plugin, although I do not know how to move forward.Can someone help me?

Hi @leodias87,

You already have the points where you can insert the familyinstance.
Simply use this after your List.Flatten:


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Many thanks CVestesen, it worked!
Now I have two more doubts.

1 - How can I filter repeated points? because in each pipe connection contains two points in the same coordinate!

2 - Would it be possible to rotate the family from the face of the tube?

  • ps. Thanks and all who help in this forum.

Thank you

1: The quick fix would be to say “First.Item” of your pointlist. Try that first.
2: I’m not sure. I think you need the surface of the tube, get a vector from it and then align the placed familyinstance to that.

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