Insert From File - Views

Hey, John.

I was wondering if you got a chance to revise your node

I was doing the same thing as you and all seemed to work great, except when i checked inside the views they were all empty. I just looked, and the Rhythm package must have been updated, because there is now a new node that works called “CopyDraftingViewsFromDocument”. (Rhythm>Revit>Application>Documents>CopyDraftingViewsFromDocument)

I realise this is a really late reply, but more just posting for anyone else in the future looking for the functionality.

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Anyone got a up to method for copying legends between projects?

the PyRevit and Transfer Legend addins do this pretty well

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Do you know any dynamo codes that can do this without using addins? Our IT is a bit strict with installation and i doubt they will allow me to install. Been searching through the forum but I cannot find any.