Insert Family by new Parameter called Room Type

Hi I am trying to teach myself Dynamo so I’m new to some things.

I am trying to develop Typical room types for healthcare with families within it. The idea is to insert the family type to all the rooms of a type “A” for example.

  1. Extract the Room Type Parameter (done)
  2. Isolate all of the rooms of a particular type
  3. Identify the center of the room to get the insertion point for the family (done)
  4. Insert the room type family to the specific room (done)

So where i ran into a problem is isolating the room type parameter I created and then apply it to filter the rooms so that the family can be inserted.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Could you reupload the image of your graph? The node labels aren’t visible - when you use the capture tool in Dynamo zoom in until the labels are visible; it’ll capture the whole graph even if it isn’t fully visible when zoomed. :slight_smile:


There you go. Thank you so much for looking into it.

Sorry here is the image after I run it

Please see file attached. I have used the Number parameter to filter a specific room but please change the parameter to name to Type in the definition.

InsertFamilyInstanceByPoint.dyn (6.1 KB)

Hope this helps!