Input shared parameter fields on categories in existing Model

Why does this graph not modify my families? Anyone.

you’ll need just one item of true, and one false, and more connectors


First, which node are you using? it is not the OOTB node. Do this node take lists?
Next, you write “Why does this graph not modify my families?”! Are you trying to use a node for “project” on “families”… if so, this will surely not work!

The “Add Shared Parameters to Project” node is an Archilabs node. The purpose of the graph was to add shared parameter fields x 3 to generic model families in the current open model. The node does accept lists. Any tweaks or mods will be appreciated

You can add shared parameters to categories in a project. Not individual families.

To be sure, you want to add shared parameters in a project file, you don’t try to do it in a family file (or three). If that is the case then I suppose the Archilab node works. I am not familiar with that node, I use my own node for adding shared parameters. There is also the OOTB nodes if you havnt tried that yet.