Input and output buttons are missing!


One of my dyn files just missed all the input and output buttons. I can only modify the values but not the links.

Re-installing dynamo software doesn’t work either. New panels are fine.

So the working solution that I know is replacing each panel with a same new one.

Does anyone know a more efficient solution?

Thank you all!!!

Hi Yan,

What build are you using? (check the About box in the help menu). If you aren’t on 0.7.5, try upgrading to this latest stable.

Would you mind sending your file to us to inspect at to take a look? I believe this is fixed in our development builds but maybe we can figure out a workaround for you.




I had the same problem when I was editing a custom node and went back to my *.dyn file while not closing the custom node. When I went back to my custom node file, it had the same problem. Saved it and it went back to normal!

Hi Alex, do you remember what version of dynamo you were using at the time?

I’m using the latest version (

Trying to reproduced it right now, but there was probably more to it than just those open files.

I have the same problem in one of my dyn files. the weird thing is that disappeared buttons appear when it opened at other PC.

But it works fine. just buttons are gone. And in this situation, if new nodes are placed, they have their buttons. Weird…

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