Index out of range for an Enum/Dropdown node (Schedule Filter Type)

I came across a very unusual error, the Node Schedule Filter Type ceased to work after several runs and I had to re-implement it from the side-library to get it working…

Excuse my french :wink: but The error message says:

" Bla bla… The index is out of limits. It shall not be negative and has to be inferior than the size of the collection. parameter name: index"

here the Picture:

Do you have any Idea, what the cause is?

Anyone? anything?

As the other Schedule Filter Type doesn’t give any problems, what happens if you just connect the node to something?

Hi PauLtus,
It Stayes with that error, it is like this Node is Failing, although the other one is exactly the same.

Yeah, there are two nodes on canvas and one works while the other does’t. That looks like some sort of issue with the installation of Dynamo. It’s probably not something that we can help you with on a forum. Try notifying Dynamo development team here:


That sounds like it!
Thankyou Konrad_K_Sobon

I Kind of overthrown the Problem and replace the Node by a simple String “Equal”, so make sure it wont fail. I report back if it ever does