Increasing tessellation meshtools to make solid geometry smooth

I’m trying to create cushions for a sunken seating area for rendering purposes. The cushions were made of inplace extrusions and loaded into Dynamo. In Dynamo the solids were converted to meshes and smoothen. In general for best results, the tessellation of the mesh needs to be increased or prior to converting to meshed , segmented (edges) need to be added to the solids. What is the best way to do this? I haven’t found a node to either increase the tessellations or increase the number of segments on the solids as you would in 3ds max. Of maybe t splines is a better option?

The node you seal is called mesh.smooth, and is in the mesh toolkit package. See here:

Awesome use for this btw.

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if you increase maxGridLines on your mesh.ByGeometry node you will increase the tessellation.

Unfortunately, nothing have changed when I creased the maxGridlines

give this a shot:
try scaling up your input solids by 100 before tessellating.

The outcome is pretty much the same, even when you scale the solids. There is however a Mesh.Tessellate node, but I don’t know what the package input is.mesh tessalate

If solids could be converted into tsplines, that would be an option.