Incorrect number of inputs available in data-shapes

Hi everyone,

I am feeding in a list of 4 items into the input list of the multipleinputform ++, but it is only giving me 3 inputs to choose from… I have tried lacing, when I set it to longest I get 4 options, but they are all individual blocks, meaning I could potentially select all 4 items at once. I only want to be able to tick one item.
Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?


Use DropDown Data input node to select one item out of n items.

@mitchellpUDG9S 2 of your keys are the exact same “SupplyAir - Bidirectional”, i think that is the problem.

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@theshysnail I tried the dropdown and I still get the same result

@Daan This part does seem to have two connectors that share the same name, but they are on opposite sides of the part, so I do need them both to display.
If I change the lacing to Longest I get all 4, 2 of which are the same, but as I mentioned they are separate tick boxes… I don’t want users to be able to accidentally select two connectors.
Would you know how to deal with two keys having the same name?

Append a number in front of each value - that is

1: Supply Air Bidirectional
2: Supply Air Bidirectional
3: Hydronic In
4: Hydronic Out

Likely your user will want to know which supply air is which, so consider that and perhaps add a suffix to those names as well.

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Thanks Jacob, makes perfect sense.
Appreciate the input!

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