Importing Data from InfluxDB to Revit

I would like to import the temperature data from InfluxDB into Revit via Dynamo using a Python script.
I created an InfluxDB database and I can manage it in Python.

Can someone help me?

With Influxdb, you have a few options.

Python is probably do-able, but simplest method is to use a GET request to the query endpoint, with the Dynaweb package. Something like this:


Thank you for your answer Andrew_Hannell,
It was really useful!!!

I’m trying to do import data from my influx database to revit with dynamo. I tried to do what you said but I have an error message. I don’t understand what is the probleme here, i put the same url on firefox and it worked, if someone could help me it would be nice.

  • are you running Influx, Dynamo and Firefox all on the same machine ?
  • Does the URL work in Internet Explorer ?
  • I’m running Influx on a virtual machine but dynamo and firefox are running on my host machine
  • It does on microsoft edge, but it doesn’t on internet explorer

I have a feeling that Dynamo picks up settings from IE (but I also thought Edge shared the same settings- so maybe this is incorrect)

Try adjusting proxy/connection settings in IE until it works there too

Thanks for your answer, I found how to solve the problem.
It was pretty simple, Dynamo doesn’t like the line break, I didn’t think about it because Dynamo did it alone when i put the url in the string.