Import / export to Exel via BULMBLEBEE

Hello everyone
I got this Exel import/export skript working! (to be honest I just rebuilt it from a tutorial … shoutout to Gavin „Aussie Bim Guru“.

Now I thought I could simply replace the regular „export to pdf node“ with the Bumblebee Nodes.
As far as I understood, bumblebee can export to Exel without visual changes to the sheet itself.

Somehow the script doesn‘t do anything.
Any clues ?

uploadforum.dyn (41.5 KB)

Thank You

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I ran a test on my basic sample project and it appears OK. Attached my version and output. Maybe double check that the parameter names are compatible with the excel output given you’re working in German. I’ve seen a lot of problems with language processing and custom packages recently.

test.xlsx (10.5 KB) uploadforum.dyn (41.2 KB)

Sir Gavin himself, what an honor! Big fan of yours, was wondering why you dont have any patreon… then came to the conclusion, you probably dont need it :smiley:

that is super strange:

the regular “export pdf node” works fine with all the Paramters in the first code block.

the bumblebee node does only work as soon as I delete some of those paramters.
to name the paramters:
“Basisversatz”, ENG (somehow translated): offset from base
“Obergrenze”, ENG (somehow translated): upper limit
“Versatz Oberkante”, ENG (somehow translated): upper offset

is there a restriction within Bubmblebee?

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There may be some inherent language translating limits, might be worth contacting Konrad via his website to see if he knows about any potential challenges. I encountered some recently where a french user’s computer exported shape files with , instead of . which ruined the whole file essentially.

I considered patreon but decided to become a consultant and make my income via that instead, then let my channel be a free avenue of my pursuits. That way it reaches more people in different economic parts of the world :slight_smile:

thats a avery noble move but enabling patreon doesnt directly contradict your decition, does it ? I mean you could still run your channel the way you do but enable people to support you. without patreon benefits…

anyawys. jeah that translation thing is a real problem then. i guess il have to use the regular Pdf node until those problems are gone…

i actually thought there ist no porcess of “translating” because we already use the native Languages within Revit …

what background do you come from (acdemically…) ? did you study archiecture ?

It doesn’t necessarily go against everything, but at the same time I get a lot of passive benefits from what I do without it. I’m also just a bit tired of other YouTubers flogging their patreon on the front of every video, so I try not to follow suit of things that irritate me in general.

I might make one eventually I guess, but it would really just be a ‘support me if you wish’ page. I’ve currently just been using this;

I’m not 100% sure it’s translation errors, but I’ve seen that at the least French as an example has many issues with file exporting schemas from Dynamo.

My background is architectural with a bachelor/master pathway. Got into BIM Management about 5 years in and never looked back!