Ignore nested families

I am using Data Shapes to have a user select element categories & then allow them to select a Workset. The end result is that Dynamo will get all elements of the chosen category/categories & set their workset to the User’s chosen one.

It all works great, except an error gets thrown when a family has a nested family inside of it. Dynamo tries to change its Workset independent of its parent family. Does anyone have a solution to this - perhaps to filter OUT nested families?

As you can see in the screenshot below - On the right, indices 308-310 are “Null” so the warning is thrown, however on the left those same indices did find elements (I checked & they are nested Pipe fittings nested inside a Fire Controls Assembly (Pipe Accessory).

I want to avoid these warnings/errors even though it does work because these are tools I am creating for our Teams - and as well probably all know the moment you give someone a new tool & it “breaks” they won’t want to use it again.

Thanks again for the assistance

  • Tyler

Perhaps filter out selected elements where the parameter is marked as read only?

If all you want to do is avoid the warning, you can ususally avoid the pop-up or warning by using design script to wrap the function in another unnecessary function - say DSCore.List.FirstItem([yourfunction,null]);

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