If you like Dynamo, you might like these applications

I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite applications- in addition to Dynamo of course.

I’d describe this as a generative graphics & data visualisation tool
The examples in the ‘gallery’ are not that great- but you can create some great graphics and animations quickly. It has similar feel to Dynamo/Grasshopper as far as nodes/connectors

Pentaho Kettle
This is properly described as a data ‘Extraction, Transformation, and Loading’ (ETL) application. But think of it as a visual data workflow tool. It is brilliant if you need to convert data between data formats, carrying out transformations or lookups along the way. It probably has a steeper learning curve- and like many Java applications (for me at least) you can end up with cryptic error messages. It also has a similar feel as well with nodes/connectors- but is more towards a workflow. There is a huge array of steps (nodes) for import, transform & export of data and jobs (not really a Dynamo equivalent). There is a paid as well as a community (free) version

I won’t bother covering Rhino/Grasshopper- just about everyone is familiar with this.
Hope you find these useful.



Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

I forgot to say- the ‘Geokettle’ flavour of Pentaho is great for geospatial work, such as geometric/coordinate transformations, geometric & spatial analysis.

Looks awesome! Thanks!

To add to the list:

Check out FME for GIS/file conversions/data handling etc etc…:https://www.safe.com/

Luna Language is also a very exciting new language: http://www.luna-lang.org/


Thanks Jostein

I will take a look at Luna
I’ve used FME and also think it is great. Although it is not the kind of thing you need loads of licences of (one or two shared around would be ok for many companies) I recall it being on the pricey side ?

Adding to my own list:

Node-Red: Not quite how to describe it, maybe “visual programming tool for internet-of-things”

There’s also the weird named https://vvvv.org/

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