If statement for different type of structures

Hi everyone!

I’m new in Dynamo and is still learn all the smart nodes and features in the program. I have gotten so far to create two different structures and after that I got stuck with an issue with the “if statement”-node.

I want Dynamo to create a structure depending on the width of the structure. If the width is more than 8 m, I want Dynamo to use my structure with 3 lines of columns instead of my structure with only 2 lines.

Is this possible with an “if statement”-node or should I do it in another way?

Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

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Nicolai Nørgaard

Something like this maybe?

But how do I get my custom nodes included in this script?

I have updated the graph. Simply plug the results in the Width inputs (and tell us if it works)…

I’m not sure you quite understand what I mean.
Or maybe I don’t understand what you want me to do :sweat_smile:

I have something like this:

But this doesn’t make dynamo create a structure with only 2 lines of columns.

This is what I meant:

I don’t know yet if it works. I can’t test it since I don’t know where your nodes come from. It could be necessary to replace “null” by something else…

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Thank you a lot! That worked :smiley:

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