IF node

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This feels like a stupid question, but I’m having difficulties with the IF-node…

If the ‘true’ and ‘false’ inputs are lists with different lengths, the output of the node is a list with the length of the shortest input-list:





Am I overlooking something, or is this a bug?


Thanks in advance

I think it was on purpose for it to lace over the input correctly? Logic.IF from package zebra will do what you want.



Or scope.if it seems.


Or, you could use Design Script


Thanks for your reactions.

ScopeIf does the job, although I’m not sure this is the only difference between If and ScopeIf.

A better description of these two nodes would be helpful I guess, other than ‘Conditional statement’ and ‘Scoped If statement’


It seems ScopeIf won’t works for nested lists as True/False input.

I don’t know anything about Design Script, so I’m trying to avoid it, if possible :slight_smile:


Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

If want to create an option for users (preferably via a Boolean node) to choose between two lists (different lengths) with sublists of 6 points:


‘If’ works, but it picks the length of the shortest list

‘ScopeIf’ doesn’t work (after 10 seconds of calculations):


Logic.If from Zebra (old If-node) seems to work:



There’s a node it Rhythm for having a choice between two options. It is called Ayuda.ThisOrThat

I use it all of the time when I need to switch what a graph does.


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It would be good if the IF node was updated. I’m not sure what ScopeIf does but it crashes all the time

“ScopeIf” was used for recursions inside custom nodes. (not sure if node recursion is still supported, I haven’t used it in a long time) I guess the team forgot to update it to handle lists, similar to the standard “If” node in version 0.81.

Because “ScopeIf” was meant only for use inside custom nodes, I would refrain for using it in the main graph. You can try the following work-around for using the default “If” node with unequal length input lists and a single Boolean value:


Why the images aren’t clickable?

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much obliged