If Equal Return Index Error

When trying to run a return index if equal on a nested list, I get a problem if the first nested list doesn’t contain an equal. Rather than listing this as an Empty List like the other entries it skips this and moves onto the next nested list. The image below should clarify what I mean. The red circled box shows how the results should show. Is there a way around this or is this an internal error?

Equal Error

Hey Mark,

Maybe something like this will work for you? Tho this will not accept a list of values to test with:


This is an old topic but…
If Equal Return Index node stopped working as a result of upgrades and no new version is available.
First I copied the code and used it in a python node, but then as the OP showed, this doesnt work with lacing or list levels.

So, here is a method using the dictionary nodes to achieve the same thing. In this case the goal was to return identical items in nested lists as a number;