"If-Else" kind of sequence

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do a “Find” function like the one in Excel “FindV” or “FindH”. Is already a node that does this?

Ex. If I have a 30 cm thick wall, I’ll put 3 bars in the edge of the wall, but if I have a 20 cm thick wall, put 2 bars. Want to do an array with several thicknesses and number of bars.

I tried to do 2 list but don’t know how to do the “Find” or “if/Else” sequence.

Thanks in advance!

From what I understand you want to input some keys and then return associated values. A dictionary will do that job for you:

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Design Script Dictionary approach to the solution provided by @T_Pover


That;s cool, I didn;t know DS supports dictionaries. The syntax isn’t all that different either compared to python.

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This also works…

Thanks!, I like this way of coding.


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