IF conditions with user input "is input"

We have two types of projects Tenant and non-tenant. I would like to create a package that will apply an engineers stamp to title blocks. The tenant projects have more than one project and project number within the same Revit file. We apply the stamp only to the project sheets that need it, not all of them. Our non-tenant project have stamps applied to all sheets.

I have successfully created a package for each type of project to execute what I want. However I would like to combine it into one package and use the Dynamo player to run it. The Dynamo player would have user input. The user would select if it is a tetant or non-tenant project, if it is a tenant project it asks for the project number you would like to apply stamps to. (See pic below). If it’s not a tenant project it will apply stamps to all sheets.

My problem is when I combine the two packages together I can’t get the IF condition to work It adds the stamps to all the sheets in a tenant project regardless of what the user input. My user inputs are the Project Number, The “Is this a Tenant Job?” boolean and the “Turn on/off Stamp” boolean.

Anyone know where I’m going wrong? (I also plan to incorporate Data-Shapes to create a UI for the user.)

Dynamo player user input

The Separate packages (combined into one package for ease of this post)

The combined package

You need to back the IF node further up the chain. Based on your graph, I would use it right before the SetParameterByNameAndValue node. You will end up with just one at that point and the Elements will be what are going through the IF node so only one side will go through.

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SeanP - That did the trick! It makes sense now that I’m looking at it. Thanks!

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