Identifying smaller enclosed areas within a suite

I’m working on a views calculator based on LEED that would give me room area with views to the exterior that works within apartment suites, as shown in the image below. I need to identify the rooms contained within the suite that are not “regularly occupied” (aka bathrooms and closets) without making the rooms as Revit elements (can’t mess up the room numbering, room schedules, etc. within the drawing set without messing up the drawing set). I figure I can do this by excluding the rooms with an area smaller than 100 sq ft, but I can’t find a way to identify the smaller rooms. I was thinking I could do it by identifying the walls that are within the suite that are not coincident with the room boundary and then working forward from there…is there a package with something akin to the Room.Windows in Clockwork that works for identifying walls contained within a room boundary? Suite

Hi Efrie,

Correct me if i am wrong. Are you looking to find the smallest areas of rooms with in your apartment?



Hi Kulkul,


Sorry for the delayed response! My spam filter seems to have caught the reply notification. What I am trying to do is calculate the square footage of the apartment minus the smaller rooms (the bathrooms and closets, which shouldn’t be included in the floor area).

If you don’t want to modify the rooms, why not use areas, or even MEP spaces? (even some detail lines would have given you better a starting point) What you want is borderline impossible because your model simply does not provide enough data to make this work.

I guess you could try something wild like collecting all the toilet seats and then shooting rays in all directions to identify the toilet’s boundary walls. Then extract the curves of that to form a closed loop and get the area. Minus that from the apartment’s “room” area to finally get what you need…

In the end it might be faster to just draw a a bunch of rectangles and do this manually. Then for your next project adopt some industry standard work-flows.

I was thinking of doing it this way:

step 1: identify walls enclosed in the apartment

step 2: identify where the walls create a closed loop that is not coincident with the apartment boundaries

step 3: identify area of enclosed loops

step 4: remove the areas smaller than 100 sq ft (to eliminate toilet rooms, closets, MEP spaces)

step 5: sum up remainder of areas to get area of apartment without those spaces


My problem is that I can’t get step 1 to work.