I need custom list node

Hi, I need a help to create a custom node to separate lists into chain lists same as in following image, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

List.Chop will do the job…


Actually List.Sublists can do it, I did it by testing it. thanks

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sublist.dyn (6.4 KB)

It’d be cool if you explained how.

Anyway, I’ve written something which works, and can do more:

and here’s the code in the code block.


Group size will set the size of each individual group. It can be set to negative if you want them go from down to up.

The Offset is the amount of spaces between each group. If it’s -1 (or lower) there will be overlap.

List.Chop will work, you just have to adjust for the “chaining”. It’s important to think through the logic of each step. There won’t often be a custom node that just does exactly what you want it to do based on something you’re writing. You have to define your own logic.

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As the author of the post seems to have realized, it is possible with the OOTB List.Sublists
(@dado4ever in future, kindly post your solutions for the benefit of others with similar issues)