I have a problem with generating floor in revit using dynamo

i made a algorithm of floor boundary, and i want to make floor with that boundary

however in dynamo, it says that ‘Warning: FloorType.ByName operation failed.
A Revit FloorType with that name could not be located in the document’

i don’t have english family file, it is the reason of this problem?

if it is true, i should have to download english family?

i’m using korean family, it does not interoperate with korean library in dynamo??


oh!! i found the reason that i can’t generate floor

first thing was i was using korean template, so i refreshed to use austrian template(the basic one)

second thing was i miss understood units!(there was limit value, so that i can’t generate floor)


Hello Yongil Park,

It is good that you found the solution to your problem.

I will look into why it was not working on Korean Template.



Thanks very much

Really appreciate you for your interests and im looking forward your answer