I always thought this would be better

I can set parameters to an element with a certain ID
But i want to set a parameter by Parameter GUID , not the Name
Is the node for that?
@solamour @jacob.small

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I’m not aware of how that can be done myself, but you could probably cross index two lists, one containing parameter names and the other their GUID. Get the index of the GUID match, then get the item at that index in the parallel name list.

You’re probably aware of this method though, so I’d assume you’re after this specifically in an OOTB node. It could be built using a custom node I think, but I’m not aware of one that does this specifically.


Not sure…could Orchid help here ??..but i think as Gavin it could be possible

I talked to our Danish friend a long time ago
Either he didn’t get it or did not see the potential of it
I’m thinking of more then one parameter with the same Name here

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Alright, think is a great idea…probably @GavinCrump could add something like this to his great package :wink:

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