How to use e-transmits together with Dynamo?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use e-transmits together with Dynamo?
I would like to use e-transmit to export and archiving a lot of old models from our Revitserver. The process must be automatic and I thought that I might be able to use dynamo. I know that Dynamo can load the dll-files, but it is used before and maybe someone can tell me whether it is possible at all before I try or make suggestions for a better method.

Looks like I will have to find some other solution.

Sometimes it takes longer than one hour for people to see your question and maybe try and help. Have you tried searching the forums to see if there is anything related to your question?


Some suggestions.
Since E-transmit runs without an open revit model, you’ll have to run dynamo in sandbox-mode.
I dont know if revit can make a journal file of the E-transmit action, but if it can, you can use it in the method by Andreas Dieckmann.


I have searched the net and I have written to Autodesk, but I have not yet found a workable solution. I’ve looked a little at Dynamo Automation and I thing it could work. I will have to give it at try this weekend.

Any updates on this topic? I’m also investigating how to automate the eTransmit feature and ran across this old thread…