How to set the active view?



I would like to use Dynamo to open Revit families in the background with Orchid, set the active view to named view and save. But I’m not able to find a node to set the view. Any thoughts?


Is there anything else you want to do with that opened family other than save the family file? There’s no need to activate a view in that case.


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How to set the active view?


Not possible using Dynamo since the only was to set the active view and do something with it is when Revit isn’t in its idling event. The catch being Dynamo can only execute during Revits idling event, and theirin lies the problem.

You can set the active view asynchronously, (so you can use Dynamo to do this) however, control has to return back to Revit for the change to take place, so you can’t do anything other than change the view to cut a long story short…plus you have to be in the active document to call this method. Search the forum if you’re interested - I posted the technique a while back in the forum.


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How to set the active view?


Yep, exactly what I said. RequestViewChange is the asynchronous method I mentioned …with all the limitations I mentioned. That said, maybe you can conjure up some magic, so I’ll leave this one with you.


Yes, I need to do more.


Thank you. But for me it’s unbelievable that simple thing isn’t possible.


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How to set the active view?


Thanks for reiterating everything I said, ignoring it, coming full circle, and wasting your time in the process :+1:


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How to set the active view?


Your time is valuable - use it wisely:

Here’s RequestViewChange() in action from a post 2 years old. You can’t call this method in the background as it’s a UI call…which can only be made when Revit is full fired up, not open on disk (which incidentally answers your other question).


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How to set the active view?


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Hi @erfajo, I have an idea for set active view for Revit . It is that you can Run dynamo to open Revit file , after that , you set the view to starting view and close Revit file . I think that when you open Revit again , starting view is active view .
Anything else for my idea ?