How to read this Syntax

Hello, I am looking at Rebar Class, in SetBarHiddenStatus method I found this one:

I can handle View and bool input but I don’t know how to input the barIndex
I am new with Python, thank so much for your help.

That is a integer value that represents the bar (like the

Hi Jonathan, thank you so much.
This is what I got so far:
As you said I know it should be the Integer value in rebar.Id, but it’s a List now, how can I convert it to Int.

I do not have a project with rebars in it to test on, but:

I do not understand your first “loop” recording the rebarId to a list which you then do not use…

You should for clearitys sake use bool values (True/False) (Capital first letter in Python) instead of 1.

I guess you are only passing a single view?
In that case I’d play around with getting the rebar.Id, and see that this output gives you in Python before you start trying to change the hiddenstatus.

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