How to place family elements multiple times at one point

Hi All! I am curious how I could place a certain family type (100) times in one location.

I need these family elements in the model but not visible so I was going to place them away from the model.

Here is what I have currently tried and I was curious if there was a better way to do it so I could change the number of elements from 100 to 120 or 130 easily.

Notice it places them in a row. I was curious if I could get them all in one point.

Hi @NateWalchenbach i am curious too :wink: …can i ask why you want that

Great Question!!! I was hoping to have elements show up in a schedule but did not want to hand place them in the model!

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Have you tried the OfRepeatedItem node with a single point and the number of instances you want to create?

Hey @Andreas_Dieckmann ,

Thanks for getting back to me! I did not try this but I actually figured out another solution which still works similar.

Here is a little script I came up with that does the following:

  1. Creates a short line
  2. Adds points on that line by a certain count (in this case 50)
  3. Adds a family instance to every point.

Just curious. What sort of widget are you placing to schedule?
Unrelated to what you are drawing?

Hey @aaronrumple good question!

With the RHYTHM package, there is a node called VIEWPORT.CREATE

I take the schedule I want and add it with the following parameters.

Here is an example!

Here I do the following.

  1. Add the sheet I want to place it on.
  2. Take the view (the schedule you want to place)
  3. The location on the sheet I would like it to be on.

And that’s about it. The schedule will update automatically in revit so as long as its placed the updating part is done automatically.

Well - my question was what widget is the schedule scheduling that you don’t want to see?