How to place an Excel file on the users desktop

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the “File Path” input to match the desktop location of the user who runs the file so that an Excel file gets created on that users desktop as a report.
When I use the “File Path” node, that works great and creates the Excel file, but the user would have to input some info. I’m trying to make this automatic for the user.

I’m trying to use the “OS.CurrentUserInfo” node from the ‘Zhukoven’ package to get the user desktop path which is working well. But when I plug this into the “filepath” input of the “Write Excel” node from Bumblebee, nothing happens. I have also tried adding a name for a file + the .xlsx extension to create the excel file, but it is not creating anything. Could someone help me with where I may be going wrong here?
It says success, but no file gets created.

Can you try %USERPROFILE%/Desktop as the target folder

Managed to get it, just used a string node so that I could add a backslash and it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @Daniel_Hurtubise !