How to measure the relative coordinate of apex within a surface(no curve),

Dear Teachers:
I’m new for Dynamo, a question had puzzled me long time.
How to measure the relative coordinate of apex within a surface(no curve), taking one of them as (0,0), how to get the relative coordinate of apex.
taking a rectangle as an example, a rectangle surface is placed in revit orginal 3D coordinated system, how to get the 2D coordinated of them, as (0,0)(400,0)(400,400)(0,400)

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@913608780 ,

you can play with this…

here is a proposal


Dear Andreas
Thanks for your reply, I’m really new to dynamo, how to find the corrent uv values of the apex of the surface, especially the surface maybe not a rectangle.
Honest respect.

Dear christian.stan
Thanks for your reply, it seems this method could not to get the relative coordinate of the apex, am I not understand your proposal?

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The real application scenario is that if you want to put the designed wooden formwork block into the raw material for cutting, you need to know the coordinates of each vertex of the wooden formwork block to calculate. This coordinate is a relative coordinate, taking a certain vertex as 0, 0, rotate counterclockwise or clockwise. The designed wood formwork blocks may be oriented in any direction, horizontal or vertical, etc.

You’d want to translate the wooden block to the internal origin utilizing the surface’s origin coordinate system.

Alternatively you could take properties of the block (ie: the length of the edge at index 0 and 4) to calculate the necessary cut, as studs are far more consistent then the problem as you framed it.


Thanks JacobSmall
Nice solution, however, how to transform the 3D coordinate to 2-dimensional coordinate, the value in Z-dimension maybe not 0, sometimes values for x,y,z dimension aren’t 0

It seems the z dimension value will always be zero, is that right?
Nice solution!

Yes - the value would always be zero unless the original surface was not planar.

It’s really useful, thanks Jacob, :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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