How to make rotating solar panel, to follow sun azimuth angle

Hi guys,

Need help.

I am doing a research project and i want to make a solar panel PV to to rotating following the sun azimuth angle.

Please help which code nodes I have to use on dynamo side.



There is an example of this exact workflow in the training material on the website. Have a look through

Thanks Alisder_Brown,

Yes there are some videos related to solar panel cell I saw them, but they are not explaining how to rotate a solar Panel PV in relation with sun azimuth angle.

The tutorial video called “Computation Logic Part 1” covers the code for it.
You will need to add in a section to rotate your actual family object, but should be fine using the “Rotate Family” node from Archi-Lab Grimshaw package.

hi bro! i have made solar panels on the roof. i want to rotate them in the sun direction with dynamo. how can i do that?