How to know the package name that is not already in individual computer?

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I got the Dynamo file to help me out but when I use them on my computer it can’t be working. I knew the reason that is missing package.
As above title, How could I know the package name on the dynamo which has already node ?
Please see the picture attached.

This is an issue I have asked for a solution for in years. But it is still not evaluated by the dynamo team as something they will prioritize.

So I am afraid there is no solution to this other that try to search the net or this forum for the node name or the issue the graph solves, and by this be lucky to find the package…

Hi @PeterDoan ,

@erfajo I think hope that in the future such a node will occur.

The node you are looking for can be in the “Data-Shapes” Package. Please browse.

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@Durmus_Cesur it is not a node which is missing, it is an option for the package name to occur graphically in the node.
@Dimitar_Venkov has made a node for searching packages…

Try to right click on it and select “help” at the bottom of the menu.

Hi @erfajo,

I was looking for the opportunity to work on such a node a few days ago I did not know that such a node in packages. Thank you for this information and the node.

Unfortunately the springsUI package hasn’t been updated for 2.0 yet and I’m not sure it’s worth updating it. The problems it was trying to addressed are better handled with a dynamo view extension, than with hijacking of a node model, from a coding point of view.

However John Pierson’s Monocle view extension is a cool & funny way to list all of the included packages in the graph and more and you can get it from the package manager.

Another thing I noticed in 2.0, is that the *.dyn file now includes a list of graph dependencies as custom node GUIDS:


Maybe that’s something that can help with detecting missing nodes too.



Sorry for me to bring this obsolete node into play. Your idea with the "Dependencies" list works only for Custom nodes, this list is empty when it comes to ZeroTouch nodes, however, with ZT nodes you have the assembly name, and from that, you could backtrack.

The essence of my post at DynamoDS is that it should be graphically captured what the name was off the package wherefrom the missing node derived.

i thinks this website could help

you have also this

But both these solutions is not covering more than a fraction… a tiny fraction…

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I’m not sure about how we can find it for old graphs but Monocle Extension package from Parallax Team could be the change maker. It has amazing function to list all the custom package nodes used with its version.

Many times we have the package but older version as not all keep updating their packages and struggle to figure what the issue is.

Example of the Annotate Custom Node can be found in below link.

Agreed. For now the only options we have is to record all custom packages and their version manually or use a view extension to do this automatically. In both cases this has to be done in advance, prior to handing it over to other people.

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Thank you!!!

I tried but can’t see the package which include this node