How to join two lists of lists of different lengths

hello, how do you join two lists of lists of different lengths? I think I got this right, but something is not letting the conduit runs without fittings to show up as not “null” please advise.

What is the result you’d want and why use the List.Combine node instead of the List.Create node.

Because the fittings need to be joined into the correct sublist with the appropriate conduit. So that I get the elements in continuous conduit runs

Errr, right.
So what exactly would you want as a result?

I want what I have here, except if there is just one lone fitting or one lone conduit, that it lands in its own sublist. This is returning “null” if there is an absent counterpart to the joining.

Like so?
Som nulls are still being created but everything is still preserved, and you can just clean the nulls out.


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So did it work?

Yeah, i had some lacing issues upstream of this that i had to work out first, but yeah, I got it to work using your method essentially. Thanks!

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