How to "increment" my task?


I sorted my walls by base constrains, so i have 81 base constrains, i want to run my script level by level, how? right no i do it manual :frowning:

Why have you got 81 base constraints? That sounds like a bad Revit model :expressionless:

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@Alien ,

i would say bad project :wink: split-levels and no offsets to level…
ceiling levels,…

i am finished 15min of Zen-Work…

i was thinking to import time ? can create my on countdown ? 0-5-10-15… 0,1,2,3

Confusing! Don’t you have structural or finished floor levels in the model that are the constraints?

81 levels sounds… um… very interesting hehe!

Maybe use ranges to get the walls into levels?

So everything between -100mm and 200mm is level 0 … Everything between 500 and 900 is mezzanine 1 for example.

Or you could just do it per view and let Revit do the selecting.

@Alien ,

so i hade around 500 walls/level … ok

Haha, obviously you adjust the level ranges to suit your project. :rofl:


actually i have no problem in Revit, i need to get it to Ifc :wink:

I think something may be getting lost in translation here.
I am so confused :laughing:

@Alien ,

its not about levels, constrains and design… i want just to divide the running of the script into increments… without doing it manuel. right now the script just runs… idea would be it is divided in my example index by index…

So when you said, “I want to run my script level by level” … you did not mean by level? :melting_face:

Divide the script and use a wait for/ passthrough node?

level i mean Placement level of elements @Alien