How to ignore warnings in Dynamo?

How to ignore warnings in Dynamo?

By eliminating the cause.

For example, if any of your inputs has nulls, ensure you get rid of them before feeding them to the node.

Also for a less vague response please provide a sample file with the warning you’re trying to avoid.



Suppression of warnings may sound like a good thing, but as often as not it will prevent a meaningful review of the results, leading to less consistent results.

Clean your code, reduce your data sets, check your progression, and thereby eliminate the issue.

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Very occasionally I will use the below trick to supress null results for basic functions. See it a little bit like a try/except in Python. This can be handy when you’d rather run a function that has some errors and filter them out using an IsNull node after rather than anticipating the conditions that may cause an error.

It has been a game changer for some of my scripts which I can run far more directly.

Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. Use wisely.