How to have the value of the density of a material in dynamo?


I need to get the density of a material. I tried the node “Element.Get Parameter Value By Name” but the density doesn’t appear in the parameters.

How can I get it?

Thank you.

Hi Nicole,

You will find your answer in this post

In that post Dimitar has shown how to get material density value using Python script. Good Luck!


I tried in this link the script but I had this error in the script:

Avertissement:IronPythonEvaluator.EvaluateIronPythonScript l’opération a échoué.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 9, in <module>
AttributeError: ‘List[object]’ object has no attribute ‘StructuralAssetId’

How can I make the ‘StructuralAssetId’ for my object?

Thank you

Hi Nicole,

Try this from “DanEDU Dynamo package”. Good Luck!


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Thank you Kulkul for the help!