How to get two predecessors and successors?

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I haven’t done the scrypt yet so I haven’t posted the file.

the problem and I have the list L1 with points 1 to y I have a list 2 with points from -1 to Z and I have the final list which is what I want to get.

There is a step that is essential the Final list has 2 predecessor numbers from list L1 and 2 successor numbers from list L1, and these two predecessor and successor numbers are contained in list L2.

Hi @Tiago ,

Something like this?

Good morning it would not be the case I started scrypt see.


Uploading: PILOT.dyn…

Pilot.rvt (4.2 MB)

Is it possible to do it without using python?

Hi @Tiago ,

Could you reupload your .dyn-screenshot/ file?
Also, could you explain a bit more what your start/ end is here? I’m having trouble understanding what you want to do, especially when looking at your first and second post combined.

PILOT.dyn (60.2 KB)


In this scrypt the topographies are selected together but can be separated to extract the points.

I am using this way of selecting two topographies because selecting only topo 1.

Because scrypt does not generate points on the boundaries of Topo 1.see section view 8.

or if you know a way to collect these points in the boundary = PT.1 and PT.2, I can discard the selection of two topography.