How to get text notes within a specified region of a drawing sheet


Just want to ask if is it possible to get the text notes (instances) that are only inside a specified region of the drawing sheet? The idea is that I just need to revise a portion of the drawing for multiple sheets. Thanks in advance.

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It’s almost a certainty that these should be parameters if they aren’t already. In which case this won’t work.

But if they do need to be text for some reason then perhaps something like this would work:

  • Define your area of selection, perhaps based on a distance from the title block’s insertion point. The goal is a bounding box from two points (a min and a max).
  • All elements of category in view to get all the text notes in the view.
  • Element.Location to get the location of the text notes.
  • BoundingBox.Contains to test if the text is inside the defined limits.
  • Filter out any other text using a List.FilterByBoolMask node.
  • Then just set the text values as needed.
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Thank you for the quick reply @jacob.small i will certainly check out the work flow you have provided… actually I did not think that the bounding box node will work for drawing sheets…
btw… do text notes do not display themselves in the dynamo preview window?

The text of the notes themselves will not be displayed, unless you create a Dynamo geometry thereof, perhaps using the DynamoText package.

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