How to get family parameter info per level?

I am trying to pull parameter info from a specific family at a specific level in the model. i.e. All the Unistrut Hangers on Level L1. I can get Dynamo to pull in all the Unistrut Hanger information. And pull in the level information. But, how do I get it to pull a specific level? I’m probably just missing a very simple step. I’m new to Dynamo. Thanks.

Hi Tim,

@timmyt21 This should work for you.

What node is that X, Y? The one with the level name and code block going into it?

It’s one of the Operator nodes called “==”. It basically checks if two values are equal. You’ll find it in the Operators category.

It is operators. Type “==” in library you will find it.

Looks like @Andreas_Dieckmann and I replied at same time :smile:

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Thanks. I put this together and it works great. Thank you very much!

No problem. Have fun :wink: