How to get double placed objects?

Hello Dynos,

I have a nice small script to get mirrored doors. How can I create in the same way a script to find double placed objects. For example walls.
And next step should be to erase them. Is there even a topic like this? I think it should not so complicaded, because I have also the warnings and the IDs…

I hope I get some advise

Thank you!
AndreasBSP_D_mirror_doors.dyn (11.4 KB)

you can get all the item of its category, like all doors, then get their location, group them bey key ( location is the key ), the same locations doors are doubled, use delete node from archi lab to delete one of them, i suggest to delete the newest ones , you know them by ID number, the newest ones has a larger number than the oldest

Thank you very much… … I think I did some steps in the right way! The key is still missing.
Just to chop the elements are double-placed!

I hope I need just a small advice :slight_smile:

Doppelte_Waende.dyn (15.1 KB)

Using the performance adviser rules is a good way to go about fixing this.

Thank you I almost got it. But there is a small mistake. I got the walls, but no list of the Items…

short step is missingAlmost_erase.dyn (10.1 KB)