How to get a room by room number in Dynamo?

How to get a room by room number in Dynamo? Appreciated!

Categories node selecting ‘Rooms’.
All Elements Of Category node.
Element.GetParameterValueByName node.
== node.
List.FilterByBoolMask node.

That said this question usually relates to an attempt to use ‘round trip’ data from Revit to another application, and then back to Revit. When doing this it is far easier to include the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) in the initial export, as this ensures you have a consistent marker for the element which is static (GUIDs never change) and unique (a GUID will not be reproduced in another model). There is also an added benefit in that you can directly select elements via GUID (clockwork has a good node for this if I recall).


Thanks, Jacob! It works!

Note that multiple rooms could be returned is there are duplicate marks or the same number is used in different phases.

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