How to get a feature line's both ends coordinate

Hi there,

Is that possible to get coordinates on a feature line’s both end? Please see the attached screenshot.

Thanks in advance.

Select it and use object.geometry. then use get start point and get end point under the curves category. Thats as long as you want it in x, y, z. Do you need it in northing/easting?


I have tried the script that you mentioned, and it is not working on feature line. Please see the attached screenshot. Thank you.

Hi @SeanP

No, the post you have recommanded can help me to get the property of a feature line. However, it doesn’t work on extract the coordiate from a feature line. I have tried to use object geometry scripts to obtain the coordinate, but it is not working also.

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Here. Civil 3d Toolkit extension.

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Hi @WrightEngineering ,

Thank you so much for this. It is working for me now.