How to flip a generic element, that has room calcultion point?

Hello Dynos,

I have a particlurly task: I draw lines for wallsurfaces and should sort by room.
For that my familie has a room-calculation-point. It works very well!

But tragicly, some lines are not placed well, so the room-calcultion-point is on the wrong site!
I can select them and flip back it works also!

But i have to do it for more than 1000 lines. How can i do that script based.
I tried also to select them via list, but Revit colapses when i flip back 1000 lines even by 50 lines it colapsed.

So can i do it in a liniar way- one by one, whitout overspin my workspace. I mean script!?

Can anybody help me? or maybe to have some nice ideas :slight_smile: