How to find the package for unresolved node?

Hi, there!

  1. Could you write the package name I should install for running Sheets.CreatePlaceholder?
    Credits to @Alberto_Tono in How to connect Dynamo to a web-based system
  2. How can I find the proper package without scouring each of them? Google does not help sometimes.


Try Archi-lab

Dear, @Marcel_Rijsmus
It seems not working.

I’d install some of the other major packages people use such as; clockwork, springnodes, orchid and rhythm.

Depending on how old that script is, the node might still remain unresolved. Try searching for a similar node in your library once you have the major packages and chances are it will be there though.

A good habit I use is to use ‘monocle’ package on scripts I share usually, which adds a note to each custom node with its package and version.

Thank you @GavinCrump for your idea.
So far neither of these packages resolves my issue.

Are you sure you checked archilab? There is a node just like this in the package.

It might not automatically find it as nodes change between builds and versions, so old versions of nodes don’t always find themselves.

Thank you @Marcel_Rijsmus and you for further explanation.
After resetting the node stoped being “unresolved”