How to extract surfaces from Bounding boxes

Hi. I’m trying to extract the True Wall Areas using a bounding box, but it contradicts when the wall is not straight. If we have openings in a wall and still want to return the original area without the openings, how can we do it?

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Hi @Rooney_Wayne

Wall Area - Opening Area = Original Area

But how do we reflect this in the schedules, Unless we create a blockout family, but still when there are multiple walls, with their own blockouts how do we add them up. And the formula shouldn’t it be Wall Area+Opening Area=Original Area? because the wall area is already cut with the opening. Using dynamo is there a way to get the max and min point vertices of the wall, just like the bounding box and calculate the original area based on that?

If you look at your thread at the top you mention you want the original area without openings. So you need to Wall Area - Openening Area to get original area.

If your openings are with 4 sides then you can get the openings area using bounding box by elements.

I’m sorry it was misinterpreted. I was telling the formula in the actual calculation
Eg: Wall Area before cutting is 7 SF
Wall Area after opening is 4 SF
Opening Area is 3 SF
Original Area Wall Areaafter opening(4SF)+ Openinig Area (3SF) = 7 SF

One of the possible way is to use “Element.Inserts” from clockwork package to get openings then you can extract cuboids and then finally use “Solid.Area” node to get openings area. Good Luck!

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