How to export surface function and data of an element to Excel

I tried exporting the detailed data of an element to Excel.
But now facing difficulties in exporting the surface data to the excel. And I have no idea about exporting the function of the surfaces of the element at all.
Can anyone help me. Thank you so much for help.

What about the surface are you trying to export?

each surface of the solid
thank you

What do you want to know about these surfaces - the area? What would the final excel document look like?

the formula of the surface, like, ax+by+cz+d=0, thanks

Afraid I’m lost here… that is the equation for a plane, and surfaces are not necessarily planar…

Sorry for asking not clear enough.
I want to extract the equation of different surfaces, include planar and irregular. But i think that if the surface is a plane, it will be less complicated, therefore, I want to start with the plane first.
Thank you very much.

I haven’t seen anyone attempt that type of graph yet. Usually it is less about the equation and more about the data. What exactly do you you need the equation for? There may be better ways to get where you are after.

For the first step a Element.Faces node will get the actual face geometry of a given element. From there the formulas will get incredibly complex very quickly. I’m admittedly not expert on these types of formulas, but once you add the limits of each edge, non-regular shapes, and planar deviation things may get too complex to work with in a meaningful way. Perhaps serializing to another format would be better suited to accommodate the variety of options?

this doesn’t sound like a very tractable problem…
maybe just save ascii sat data…

but why…

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