How to erase a parameter Read-only

Hello everyone!

I am currently working with Revit in connexion with Tririga (IBM solution for IWMS).
We’re having troubles to connect one RVT model with Tririga because, before allowing the connexion, some parameters should be recovered from Tririga and fullfill in Revit in Project information.

The problem we’re facing is that they are in Read-only but they should normally be editable, so we want to revert the model and try to re-connect from the beginning.

To sum-up, I need to erase these parameters in Revit to reinitialise the procedure but I am not familiarised with Dynamo so I don’t know how to do it.
Could anyone tell me how to delete this parameters? As they appear in the Family system Project information, I don’t find the way to erase them…

Thanks in advance for your help!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @cynrivbaj and welcome,

Can you snap a picture of the parameters in question?

Do you want to delete the parameter or do you want to erase the value (leaving it blank)?

Hi @Joelmick for your reply!
You will find attached the pic from the parameters (IBM.Name and IBM.Description).

These parameters are created in revit when I launch the link for the first time. Normally, they should be read-able (as the other ones, IBM.ModelName, IBM.ModelDescription…) but this time these two parameters have been created as read-only (I don’t know why…)

I need to completely delete these 2 parameters so that I can try to launch the connexion from
the beggining.

I hope it’s clearer now :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!!

Can you remove them in Revit via Manage --> Project Parameters?

Yes, I have already tried! But even erasing them Project Parameters, they still continue to appear here…
The thing is when I am trying to do the link between the model and tririga, it appears a message telling me it could’t be done (see the pic attached) because he needs to fill these two parameters…

I don’t know how to fix it! :confused:

Hello everybody, can anyone help me? I’ve tried but don’t know how to fix it! :frowning:

Have you tried copying the project information using transfer project standerds from an empty Revit file?
Before you try, make a backup file