How to duplicate the beams and set new name for them?

Hello all of Brothers in this Dynamo forum!
I have a new trouble with dynamo. That is… I want to duplicate the Beam and set new name for them.
Like that:
Frist, We draw all beams with one Type Name (300x600mm).
Second, We run dynamo and we have all the beams same the Cut Length set 1 Type Name (Ex: DS1) and all beam deferent Cut Length have Type name DS2, DS3,…
Finally, we run again but dynamo don’t duplicate again (If we duplicat again, we will have a lot of beam and so hard for check)
This is my dynamo, but i can’t run it. Thank you went you are reading this! Thank you!

I think the FamilyType.Duplicate doesn’t really give much of an output. After it became duplicated you can, get the family type with the FamilyType.ByName node, and insert that into the element input of the Element.SetParameterValueByName node.

Because you probably want to make sure the duplicate actually exists you might want to use the PassThrough node from the clockwork package, then use the output of the FamilyType.Duplicate node (whatever its output is) into the WaitFor input of that node, and the output of the FamilyType.ByName into the passthrough input of that node.

Thank you PauLtus, but can you give me the picture or example? Please!

I actually found your problem now that I looked at it again, you gave the parametername input of the Element.GetParameterValueByName node the name of the element and not the name of the parameter.

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Thank you Brother!!! I will try it againt!

@toantrunggtvt I believe you’ll want to use the Element.SetParameterByName node. Currently the GetParameterByName node is simply reading one parameter, which isn’t named DS1-DS1000, its named Cut Length, if I’m understanding this correctly.


That’s not an “I believe” that’s the truth.
I’m surprised I didn’t notice that.

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@toantrunggtvt If any of the above solutions worked for you, please mark the post as solved. Best of luck!

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